Fashion is a way of dressing that reflects trends in culture and society. It is also a way of expressing personality and individuality. It is closely linked to culture, and many cultural movements are directly influenced by fashion trends. Fashion may be used to communicate ideas, as in the case of hip-hop and punk, or to promote specific lifestyles or beliefs, such as ecologically conscious clothing or a return to ancient Egyptian styles.

The fashion industry is a hugely important part of the global economy, and it is constantly evolving. Trends in fashion can impact entire societies, as demonstrated by the rise of the thong sandal and the popularity of turbans in western cultures. In addition, the rise of fast fashion has enabled retailers to create and change their products quickly and inexpensively, often without a long period of time between initial invention and mass production.

Regardless of its significance, fashion is difficult to define. It can include any practice that a significant proportion of a social group adopts for a limited amount of time. This includes not only clothes, but hairstyles, makeup, and even a certain language or music. Fashion can also refer to an insular aesthetic that is exclusive to a particular group, such as haute couture or bespoke tailoring.

It is also difficult to determine what exactly causes a fashion trend to occur. For example, it is hard to explain how a pair of short skirts and boots that were popular among teenagers in England in 1960 made it all the way to Paris runway shows, or how hip-hop from the streets of the Bronx became acceptable attire at haute fashion shows. One theory is that individuals with higher socioeconomic status set the trends, and lower-status individuals follow those trends. This is known as the “trickle-down” theory.

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