Automobiles are a very important part of our daily lives. They let us travel to work or school, get groceries and meet friends and family. They also allow us to go on vacation and see new places. Without cars, many of us would be stuck at home or traveling by train or bus. This article will explore some facts about automobiles and why they are so important to our society.

The word automobile comes from two French words, auto- and mobile. The word auto means self-propelled, and the word mobile is Latin for moving or travelling. It is believed that the automobile was invented around 1885. The inventor was Karl Benz, who created a gasoline-powered car. Other inventors followed with their own designs. By the 1920s, cars had become affordable to most people because of Henry Ford’s assembly line. This allowed them to be made more quickly and with fewer parts.

Most automobiles have four wheels and seat one to six passengers. They are built mainly to transport people, not goods. An exception is the minivan, which is a type of vehicle that has seating for seven or more passengers. Some people use the term automobile to refer to any vehicle with a motor, including bicycles and motorcycles.

The automobile changed women’s lives, especially after World War I began in 1914 and the U.S. entered the war in 1917. More women drove cars than ever before. They even decorated their vehicles with “votes for women” banners to advocate for female suffrage. This was pretty bold for that time!

Today, the auto industry has a significant impact on America’s economy. It employs millions of Americans in cutting-edge facilities that assemble and export millions of cars and trucks every year. It also supports a vast network of transportation infrastructure, delivering products to places across the country and the world.

A healthy automotive industry is essential to a strong economy. It is responsible for more than 9.6 million American jobs, or 5 percent of private-sector employment. It also provides the Nation with cutting-edge technologies and a major source of innovation.


The automotive industry supports communities in all 50 states and produces clean, safe, smart cars that redefine personal transportation for generations to come. This video takes a look at the real-world impacts of this industry, from cutting-edge facilities to the major transportation infrastructure that connects them with points across the country and the globe. It is the engine that powers a diverse and prosperous economy.