Business services can be defined as a specific subset of economic services. These services share many characteristics of economic services. These services are concerned with the creation and maintenance of service systems, where businesses play both the role of service consumer and provider. They help businesses achieve a variety of business goals. In the context of an organization, business services include a wide range of activities, from developing and maintaining systems to providing advice and assistance.


Intangible business services are services that cannot be seen, heard, or exchanged physically. This makes them difficult to measure or standardize. As a result, consumers’ experiences may differ from those of other consumers. In this case, it is crucial to communicate how intangible business services can add value to a customer’s life.

Intangible business services have a distinct role in marketing and branding strategies. Unlike products, intangible services require a more personalized connection between the buyer and the business. Differentiation is often less about product design and brand image, and more about the sales process.


Supporting business services encompass a variety of roles and functions that help companies run their businesses efficiently. These positions range from clerical and administrative tasks to accounting and web design. They may be offered in-house, or outsourced to a third party that provides part-time or full-time coverage.

Supporting business services improve revenue generation and productivity. They also help businesses better manage customer service, offer multiple channels for communication and foster employee and stakeholder relationships. As a result, customer satisfaction scores increase and businesses are more likely to retain satisfied customers. In addition, high customer satisfaction improves the reputation of a company.


Technical business services are a group of related services offered by a company. These include data capture, hosting, and analysis. They also offer office services. You can learn more about the company and its services on its PitchBook profile. You can view the company’s financial information and learn about its operations. You can also view a complete list of its business services.

Business services are services that a business provides to other companies. In some cases, they work in the background, while in others they are the focus. An example of this relationship can be seen in the ATM, where technical services support a business’ operations.

JD Edwards

Business services enable you to use JD Edwards EnterpriseOne as both a producer and a consumer of information. These services are delivered in a SOA environment, which provides a standardized platform for the orchestration of business processes. These services can also be used to share information between systems.

A business service is a Java class that is published in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. These services expose their native transactions in the form of web services, which are consumed by other applications. These services are typically managed through the Object Management Workbench.

Oracle’s JDeveloper

Oracle’s JDeveloper for Business Services is a Java development framework that provides developers with a variety of features. It is compatible with several Oracle products, including Oracle WebCenter Suite, Oracle BI, and Oracle SOA Suite. In addition, JDeveloper can be used to develop mobile applications.

JDeveloper is a Java development framework that exposes an API that other Oracle teams use to build extensions. The JDeveloper platform also shares code with the NetBeans platform, which was acquired by Oracle following its acquisition of Sun Microsystems. This software also has a strong community, and a range of tutorials and options for Webservice development and management.