Relationships 101


The word “Relationships” is a huge umbrella term that refers to a wide variety of human connections. It can be used to refer to romantic relationships, or non-romantic ones. No two people will define a relationship the same way. It is a team effort that requires communication, intimacy, and sexual activity.

Relationships are a team

Developing and maintaining healthy relationships requires the collaboration of two individuals. A one-person relationship will soon fall apart and never last long. The fact that relationships are team games means that both individuals need to do their part. This mindset makes it possible to work towards achieving a common goal.

They require communication

In any relationship, communication is essential for growth and satisfaction. It allows people to express their thoughts, feelings, and expectations. But many people struggle with communicating because they are afraid of being rejected or upset. Fortunately, communication skills are something you can learn and practice.

They build intimacy

Intimacy is a vital ingredient in creating a fulfilling and real relationship. Sadly, many superficial relationships lack this quality. This lack of intimacy is often due to fear or choice. According to relationship expert Dr. Lauren Cook, building intimacy requires that both parties share their vulnerabilities.

They involve sexual activity

Research has revealed that rapid sexual involvement may have detrimental effects on the quality of a relationship. The study at Cornell University examined the sexual activity of 600 couples and their relationship quality. The study was based on data from the Marital and Relationship Survey and included information on both married and cohabiting men and women with minor children. The study found that delayed sexual activity was associated with higher relationship quality.

They can be challenging

If you and your partner live in the same home, it may be difficult to separate your time and space. This is because you are so close to each other and it can be difficult to find peace and quiet. It is even harder to find time for yourself, because you are not as likely to have the same amount of free time. In addition, it is difficult to find an appropriate way to spend your free time without upsetting your partner.

They are unique

Relationships are dynamic entities with two or more participants. They are embedded within a larger social network composed of a constantly shifting constellation of individuals and groups. One of the defining features of a relationship is the dyadic interchange. While a series of repeated interactions is not necessarily the first sign of a relationship, it is a necessary requirement for a relationship to develop. It is also important to note that the repeated exchanges between participants can thwart relationship development if the participants are trapped in a routinised role.

They can be complicated

Relationships can become complicated for a variety of reasons. One of these is the development of feelings for someone outside the relationship. This can be a very painful situation for both parties.