What Makes Newsworthy?


What makes news newsworthy? It could be crime or money, scandal or violence. But there are other factors that contribute to the news’ relevance, such as familiarity and timeliness. Let’s examine each factor to find out what makes newsworthy. And which is the best way to keep up with the latest news? Here are some suggestions:

Crime and money make news

Why do crime and money make news? The answers to these questions may reveal the reasons why people consume news about crime. People who are frequently exposed to crime news are more likely to avoid certain places and times. In this study, we examined whether people’s consumption of crime news is related to the intensity of their own experiences of crime and money. In addition, we tested whether people’s consumption of crime news is associated with the level of anxiety or fear that they feel.

Violence and scandal

The number of violent incidents in the news is increasing, but there is a huge gap between the amount of attention paid to serious crimes and the level of attention given to trivial stories. While many of the news articles focus on national events, television shows are focused on local affairs and trivia. Many women feel that they have no choice but to watch the news for scandals and other scandals. Violence and scandal in news has many causes, but the primary issue is how much attention we pay to news.


Students may enjoy reading general information, but the same cannot be said for familiarity with news. Familiarity with news may boost interest in general knowledge. In a recent study, Norwegian and British students rated the attractiveness of news from thirty countries and 26 capital cities. The participants were also asked to rate the interest in postcard greetings from different countries. Familiarity with news, however, is not the same as a general knowledge of a country’s news.


When journalists began to focus on the timeliness of news stories, they were also focused on the speed of production. In the 19th century, the invention of telegraphy transformed the way that news stories were produced and how audiences engaged with them. In addition to transforming the way that journalists reported on news stories, telegraph companies also reified timeliness both internally and externally, making it more important than ever to be timely. For example, the timeliness of news stories enhanced readers’ prospects of participating in distant affairs and emphasized the ritualistic quality of news.

Personal points of view

Journalistic standards require objective reporting of events. However, news writers have the option of providing personal points of view. For example, an editorial article can express the editor’s opinion on a particular issue and may be influential in swaying reader opinions. Editorials should be well-written to inform readers, as well as the public. In such cases, the writer should stick to their point of view. Here are three tips to ensure the quality of your news reporting.